Lesbian Leg Licking Fun!

Added: August 08, 2012 l Length: 00:30:40

Jelena and I thought we’d go with a different look this time and we did our hair in sexy, playful curls to go with our mood for the day which was exactly that, mind-blowing lesbian session sexy and leg licking, foot sucking playful! You know a foot fetish lover’s delight is going to unfold when Jelena comments on how she loves my legs right away, and I lick her lengthy gams as a thank you in return. She brings me indoors so we can really get down and dirty and we start rubbing up against each other, trailing our fingers along each other’s bodies teasingly. Jelena gets me up on a table so she can lovingly tongue my toes and after they’re nice and wet, I tweak the nipples of her beautiful big tits with my little digits. I pride myself in my foot worshipping skills and when I make love to Jelena’s feet, I get her hot between her thighs with my knowhow. When we both finally get completely naked, we take turns running our feet up and down each other’s legs, from our toes, to our knees, up our thighs, and up to our pussies. If you love Hot Legs and Feet, then you definitely won’t want to miss the close-ups of our playful feet!

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